A great gift to THE BRIDE ~

Something very interesting happened today at the store that I just had to blog about!

I know many of us don’t expect in any way AT ALL to have our future daughters wear our bridal gown in 20-30 years from now. Never would we expect that of our daughters.. so the importance of preserving our gowns, for many of us, is non existent.
A bride came in with her mother for a second visit to purchase her gown. I noticed that this time her mom was carrying a garment bag with her. I asked the mother, “what’s in the garment bag?” With a sweet smile the bride answered, “it’s my mothers wedding gown and I brought it in because I would love to use the lace somehow in my own gown”.

The daughter looked up at me and said, “I know it’s dirty, but it would be very special if I could use some of it?”

I told her we could, but it wouldn’t match her dress color because it was yellow. We all opted for her to use a piece of her mother’s dress and sew it underneath her dress that way it is still a part of her dress and also acts as the ‘something old’ of the wedding tradition.

I almost cried!

So its very important that you give some thought to preserve your gown. You may not think your future daughter will want to wear it, but she may want to incorporate it into her wedding attire somehow.
It also makes a great gift from the bridesmaids to the BRIDE :o)


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