Justin Alexander Designer Jose Dias

Justin Alexander Designer Jose Dias

Justin Alexander Designer Jose Dias. Mobile Image

Jul 29, 2014

Someone special is visiting The White Closet Bridal!

The White Closet Bridal is gearing up for an exciting visit from Justin Alexander's own designer Jose Dias! Jose loves to visit bridal shops and assist brides in selecting the perfect Justin Alexander gown for their wedding. He also engages in feedback from brides on what they like, dislike and expect in the perfect wedding gown.

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Jose was interviewed by the girls at Blush Bridal Boutique in Virginia about his inspiration, new trends, gown advice, and why he visits bridal boutiques. We want to share their interview with Blush Bridal and get to know a little bit about Jose and his work.

Appointments are still available for August 9th for when Jose will be at the store. Please call us to set up your appointment. 813.249.4696

Remember, all Justin Alexander gowns will be $100 off during the run of the trunk show August 8th-August 10th. Don't miss out!!!

From the girls at Blush Bridal:

The upcoming trunk show at Blush Bridal Boutique will showcase the Spring 2015 collection. What was your inspiration for this collection?

For me my greatest inspirations are Old Hollywood movies. I adore everything Doris Day wore, so I would say she was a big influence for this years collection. Another influence was Downton Abbey. I guess I am attracted to movie stars, their costumes as well as the glamour that once was Hollywood and still is.

What new and unique touches are featured on these gowns? What is fresh and new for Spring 2015?

For sure we have really researched and come up with the nicest laces as well as very intricate and delicate beading. We are all about attention to detail. We are also loving the layering of fabrics to create dimension as well as volume.

the white closet co jose dias

Are there any gown trends (or wedding trends in general) that are increasing in popularity for 2015?

I would say there are two trends that are increasing in popularity. The first would be the a-line to fuller ball gown. More and more brides are returning to the notion of being a princess on her day, but infusing a little more glamour and glitz to it. The second trend would be softer and cleaner. This bride wants none of the fuss of a more voluminous gown. She wants to be carefree and tries to channel her Bohemian side.

What is the biggest mistake brides make when shopping for gowns?

They sometimes are so stuck on a look they feel is them. For example she may go into a store assured she wants to wear a mermaid or more fitted style and then she finally is coaxed to try on something completely opposite, and to her surprised she falls in love. It also goes the other way around with a bride wanting to wear a huge ball gown and then goes for a more streamlined look. I would say that about this happens to about 70% of my brides. Its fun to see their reaction when they walk out of the dressing room smiling because they would never have thought they would liked this other look.

To see the rest of the interview, please visit Blush's blog page.