Select a Forever Gown to Last Your Lifetime!

Select a Forever Gown to Last Your Lifetime!

Select a Forever Gown to Last Your Lifetime!. Mobile Image

Oct 16, 2018

Pick a Classic Timeless Gown for Your Wedding!

You cant go wrong with classics! Your wedding day will be a proof of that. Each of the traditions and rituals you follow on your wedding, date back several ages. And yet, they add beauty to your big day. A classic wedding gown does the same thing! Modern designs may give you more options but none of them can match the timeless grace of the classic ones. Lets take a look at some of the traditional wedding gowns that youll never regret buying.
  • The Mermaid Wedding Dress

This amazing design cinches at the waist and flares a little above the knees, creating the perfect figure for a plus-sized bride. It is full of beads and sequins that leave a lasting impression on the eyes. The beaded off-the shoulder straps in the dress go well with a plunging neckline which supports a pretty lace. Like many brides, you can even get detachable straps to customize the dress during different phases of the wedding. Keep the straps on at the time of the ceremony. When you step into the reception, take them off for an instant modern touch!
  • The A-Line Gown

Are you a romantic? If so, the A-line gown is made for you! It comes with off-the shoulder straps and a pointed sweetheart neckline. You can customize it to replace its zipper or buttons with a lace. It will make the dress even more traditional. Its laced up hem adds a romantic sensibility to it. The soft lacey curves of the hem are a dream come true for every bride who wants a fairytale look. You can easily show off your long and beautiful neck with this amazing classic! Your better half wont be able to stop dreaming about you once theyve seen you in this dress!
  • The Ball Gown

Sexy is the most desired look for every bride. However, many settle down for elegance and beauty. With the ball gown dress, you dont have to settle for less. It shows off your body perfectly with a V-front and a back with banded beaded straps. It also has deep V side cut-outs which make it even sexier. It is decorated with moonstones and water pearls which reflect light. You will literally glow in front of your partner due to the radiance of the beads! The light horse-hair skirt keeps you comfortable throughout the ceremony and the reception. You wont have any troubles carrying a dress this light.
  • The Satin Wedding Gown  

The Satin gown has a romantic touch that is simply unbeatable. It comes with off-the shoulders straps. It also has a plunging sweetheart neckline. The gown has a natural waist with an easy-to wear design. You will look great in Satin no matter what kind of body you have. Your wedding gown design speaks volumes about your personality. The classics add a grace to the big day that you dont see every day! The White Closet Bridal Tampa has the widest collection of classic and modern wedding gowns in Tampa, Florida. Visit our store today to get yours!