Discover Rompers for Brides!

Discover Rompers for Brides!

Discover Rompers for Brides!. Mobile Image

Oct 19, 2018

Rompers The Latest Bridal Fashion!

Rompers are getting some major buzz, when it comes to bridal fashion trends. Many people know of the garment but they barely have an idea of what they are. Lets find out what rompers are and why they are the latest bridal fashion.

What Is a Romper?

You may have heard about rompers within the context of kids wear. However, the general idea surrounding rompers is that of a one-piece outfit. Be it for kids or for adults, one-piece outfits are designed to give comfort to the wearer. Nowadays, they are used more commonly as playful outfits. Rompers come in a variety of styles. They can be comfy, trendy, classic, elegant and even old-fashioned. You can opt for any particular style of your choice!

What Are Jumpsuits?

Rompers that come with attached pants are called jumpsuits. They follow the original idea of a jumpsuit. However, they are a tad more stylish with cut-outs in places that add sizzle to them!

What Are Overalls?

Overalls are the denim version of rompers. They end just above the knee.

Why Are Rompers so Comfortable?

Imagine attending a formal party in the middle of a stormy season. High gusts of wind will surely blow off your gown a few hundred times. With a romper, you dont have to worry about gowns, long skirts or any other type of difficult-to-tackle piece of attire. You can easily carry a one-piece outfit at any occasion.

How Do Rompers Make the Most Popular Bridal Fashion?

Your wedding day is full of traditions and rituals. Most brides go for traditional gowns to add a unique touch to their big day! However, you dont have to bear the burden of an unnecessarily heavy dress only because theres no other way to add elegance and beauty to your wedding. Rompers give you the perfect alternative! Lets take a look at different romper designs that will give you a stunning wedding look!
  • The Lace Romper

Go for the shortest romper available in the market! Its elegant lace will cover up for the little bit of skin you like to show off! The laces make up for the lack of length to the dress.
  • The Sequin Jumpsuit

The chic-style jumpsuit can be designed with sequin to add a bright look to your wedding day. Its most prominent feature is that it is ready-to-wear. The stylish and aristocratic wedding dress will leave a lasting impression on your guests.
  • Crop Tops

If you have a well-toned body, theres no harm in showing it off on your wedding day! Crop tops are the most stylish option to replace your wedding gown. The confidence and poise they bring out in you is quite unparalleled! Your wedding dress is the most important choice of your big day! Choose the dress that brings out the best in you. Visit the White Closet Bridal Tampa to try out some of the best rompers in town! If you live in Tampa, Florida, get the most elegant rompers for your wedding dress from our store. Our designers are always here to guide you. Visit our website for more information!