How to Choose the Right Bridal Hair Accessories

How to Choose the Right Bridal Hair Accessories

How to Choose the Right Bridal Hair Accessories. Mobile Image

Oct 30, 2018

5 Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Hair Accessories

There is no doubt that a bride has to make myriad of decisions when finalizing her wedding look. From the wedding dress to bridal makeup to accessories, everything needs to be considered thoughtfully. But in this blog post, our focus would be just on the accessories, to be specific bridal hair accessories!  
  • Consider Your Personal Style

  When deciding the bridal hair accessory, it is extremely significant that you choose something that suits your personality. Sure, your wedding theme will play a huge role when considering a hair accessory but in the end, it will all come down to your personality. For instance, if you are hosting a beach-theme wedding, you will have a number of options to choose an ocean-inspired headpiece. You can go for a starfish hair comb, an orchid hair clip, or a mermaid crown. You will need to see which one of them is in line with your personality and pick that one up!  
  • Your Wedding Dress

  On the basis of your wedding dress, you will have to choose the kind of accessories you will wear on your special day. If your dress is simple with no intricate design or embellishment, you will have more accessory options. You can easily choose whichever kind of accessory you prefer. However, if your dress has detailed embellishments, you will have to be a bit careful while selecting the bridal hair accessories. You will have to make sure that whatever you choose goes well with the fabric, style, design, and other gown details.  
  • Decide Gold or Silver?

  Most of the bridal hair accessories come in either gold or silver. Since most of the bridal gowns are white with silver details, brides prefer to go for a silver headpiece. But that doesnt mean you rule out golden hair accessories. In fact, gold headpieces look phenomenal with an ivory, off-white, or champagne dress. Remember that if your hair accessory is golden then your bridal jewelry should be gold too.  
  • The Type of Accessory

  Mind you, there are multiple kinds of hair accessories. With so many options, it could be a little hard to choose one. To give you a basic rundown of hair accessory options, you must know that there are bridal hair combs or clips, tiaras, headbands, hair flowers, hair vines, and hairpins. Choose the type of accessory that you think will uplift your entire wedding look.  
  • Choose a Hairstyle

  Another most important thing that you will need to consider is the wedding hairstyle. You will need to decide if you will be wearing a bridal updo, all down hair or half up half down. Ensure that whatever hairstyle you go for should complement the accessory and vise versa. Consider these things and take it from us youll end up selecting the best bridal hair accessories ever. Did you know that The White Closet Bridal can pick out the best wedding accessories for you? So, hurry up and contact them today!