Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation Tips

Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation Tips

Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation Tips. Mobile Image

Nov 15, 2018

Bridal Wear: 4 Tips for Gown Cleaning and Preservation

In todays age, women have a number of options for what they would like to do with their wedding gown post their wedding ceremony. Some brides prefer to donate or sell their wedding dress while some alter it so that they can re-wear it to parties. However, there are women out there who like to preserve their wedding gown forever. Since the gown is a beautiful reminder of some precious and special wedding moments, it is hard for women to part with their bridal wear.  This is precisely why wedding dress preservation is so significant for them. But if you want your wedding dress to last a lifetime, you will need to keep in mind some tips that are mentioned below.  
  • Wedding Dress Preservation and Dry Cleaning are Different

  For wedding dress preservation, you need to consult a specialist who could explain to you a treatment plan for your dress. He will do so by analyzing the dresss fabric, stitching, and details. By examining these aspects of your wedding gown, the specialist can come up with the best way to keep your dress intact without ruining the delicate fabric. If you think that by simply dry cleaning, you can preserve your wedding gown, you are wrong. You can get your wedding dress dry cleaned first but it is significant that you take your dress to a preservationist later on.  
  • There may be Unseen Stains on Your Wedding Gown

  You might not know but the stains left behind by spills are hard to see at first. With time, these invisible stains change into dark brown spots that are hard to be get rid of through dry cleaning. In the beginning, you may think that the gown is fine but with time the stains may start to appear, making you all panicky. Professional cleaners are well-trained to detect these spots at first glance. They also know the correct method that will help remove these stubborn stains.  
  • Pay Close Attention to the Label on Your Dress

  Most of the gowns come with a label that tells the kind of cleaning your gown might require. For example, it could be possible that your gown requires dry cleaning only with petroleum solvent. Hence, whichever preservationist or dry cleaner you choose, make sure that they are equipped with that particular cleaning aid for your special dress.  
  • Consider Professional Cleaning ASAP

  The first step for wedding dress preservation is that you take your wedding dress to a professional preservationist or a dry cleaner as early as possible. Brides often wait for months to get their bridal gown cleaned which is not at all useful. By that time, the stains on your dress have absolutely set in and it is quite difficult to wipe them out. If you are looking for wedding dress cleaning and preservation in the heart of South Tampa, you will be glad to know that The White Closet Bridal provides gown cleaning and preserving needs. So, schedule an appointment with them today!