5 Types of Wedding Veils for All Brides

5 Types of Wedding Veils for All Brides

5 Types of Wedding Veils for All Brides. Mobile Image

Nov 29, 2018

Beautiful Wedding Veils Every Bride Must Know About

You may not look like a bride until you dont don a beautiful wedding veil. From time immemorial, wearing a wedding veil is considered to be the most important tradition in the West. A veil basically symbolizes a brides progression from a single woman to a married one. With the passage of time, a number of pretty and stylish veils have come about. Some of those beautiful ones are discussed in detail here.  
  • Blusher

  A blusher is the most traditional veil you will ever come across. Since the purpose of a veil is to conceal a womans face, a blusher veil precisely does that but with such grace and style! If you are one of those romantic brides who dream to have your groom lift the veil off your face, this is the veil you must definitely go for! It is typically a single, short layer that usually measures 30 inches in length. It can also serve as a good addition if you want more height and volume.  
  • Birdcage Veils

  If the theme of your wedding is retro or vintage, the birdcage veil is the perfect accessory for you. It is a unique kind of veil that is super short in length, extending just past your chin. This is the kind of veil that looks super classy with an updo hairstyle. Usually made out of fishnet or tulle, a birdcage can have a long-lasting impression on the groom and your guests. To take the look to a whole new level, flaunt a bold red lip color and winged eyeliner! tampa wedding dresses at the white closet bridal  
  • A Shoulder Length Veil

  A shoulder-length veil measures about 20 inches in length. If your dress has a lot of intricate details on it, this would be the ideal veil for you. You can also opt for a shoulder-length veil when there are beadings on the lower back, waist, or bust of your dress. With a shorter length of the veil, the attention wouldnt draw away from the beauty of these details. In other words, it is a great option for brides who do want to wear a veil but want their dress to be in the spotlight.  
  • Chapel Length Veils

  If you want to go a little extra, choose a chapel length veil. This type of veil goes all the way to the ground which makes it incredibly elegant and romantic. You can combine it with a blusher or an elbow-length veil for a beautiful layered look.  
  • Cathedral Length Veils

  A Cathedral length veil is perfect for a dramatic and bold bride. It is typically worn in a church wedding ceremony or extremely formal weddings. They look best when worn with a semi-cathedral or a cathedral length gown. Its the ultimate showstopper! The White Closet Bridal offers an extensive range of veils for all kinds of weddings. Schedule an appointment today and get the chance to wear the most beautiful wedding veil on the biggest day of your life.