2020 Bridal Trends We Love

2020 Bridal Trends We Love

2020 Bridal Trends We Love. Mobile Image

Sep 24, 2019

Our most recent trip to National Bridal Market Chicago has us reminiscing on all of the Spring 2020 bridal trends we saw!
Read more about our favorite upcoming trends below!

classic wedding dress

Clean & Classic

The last few years of bridal fashion has been all about DETAILS! But we're absolutely LIVING for the resurgence of classic gowns for 2020!

Clean fabrics like mikado, silk, satin, & crepe are timeless with a touch of sophistication. Some gowns have a modern twist, like a slit (shown above), deep plunge, or off the shoulder neckline. Either way, you can't go wrong!

  • gray wedding dress
  • gray wedding dress

Dove Gray

A new color has arrived on the bridal scene called Dove Gray! The two beautiful gowns shown above are the perfect example!

Gowns with champagne, nude, and blush undertones have been wildly popular for the last few years. Will dove gray be a lasting trend or will it fizzle out quickly?!
Let us know what you think in the comments below!

This gorgeous dress comes with detachable sleeves! It totally changes the whole look!

Detachable Accessories

Detachable accessories are one of our top favorite 2020 bridal trends because there is SO much versatility! With one simple change, you can completely transform your bridal look to reflect your unique personality! It's totally fabulous.

Some of our favorite detachable accessories are:

  • capes
  • long sleeves
  • jackets, and
  • wings!

You may be thinking "what the heck are wings?!" Don't worry, you're not alone! See an example below!

2020 bridal trends wings
Would you wear wings on your gown?! We think they're so ethereal!

We're so excited for all of the new Spring 2020 gowns to arrive in store later this year! We can't wait to see what our brides think of all these new trends!
Which one was your favorite?!

Ever wonder how we choose gowns for the store?!

Read more about our trip to National Bridal Market Chicago this year by clicking the link below: