Things You Should Know Before Your First Appointment

Things You Should Know Before Your First Appointment

Before you come to your appointment at The White Closet, we do a lot on our end behind the scenes so that your experience is seamless and pleasant. While we do all we can to make your appointment flawless, there’s a few things you should know beforehand so that we can really make the most of your time in the boutique! This way, you come to your appointment fully prepared and ready to find your dream wedding dress. 


Give Yourself Enough Time


This may come as a shock, but typically it takes 6-9 months from start to finish to ensure your dress is ready for your wedding. You’ll need several months for your dress to arrive once you order it, as the designer must fully construct your dress for you. This includes sourcing materials, sewing each piece, and adding any embellishments, so it doesn’t happen overnight. Once your dress arrives, you’ll need an additional 2 months for alterations so that your dress fits completely perfectly. If you need your dress on a shorter timeline, give us a call and we will see what options are available to ensure you have a gorgeous dress on time!


Set A Budget


One of the best tips we can give brides is to arrive at the boutique with your budget set, and to share your budget with us so that we know not to pull any gowns above your budget for you to try on during the appointment. There’s nothing worse than trying a dress on, falling in love, and getting sticker shock when you hear the price! Setting your dress budget ahead of time saves you a lot of stress while shopping. 


Get Inspired!


Before your appointment, check out wedding dresses on Pinterest or read a few bridal magazines to get an idea of what types of dresses you may want to try on. Take note of what you like (certain silhouettes, embellishments, fabrics, etc), and bring in a few photos for your bridal stylist so she can find the dresses in the store she thinks you’ll like most. While this absolutely makes your appointment run smoother, we also recommend keeping an open mind—you may find yourself surprised by a dress once you try it on!


Remember You Can Customize


If you try a dress on, and find yourself thinking something like, “Oh, this is perfect, I just wish it had sleeves,” or, “This would be exactly what I want if it had a slightly different neckline!”—you’re in luck! Tell your bridal stylist, and she’ll let you know if the change you want to make is possible. Most dresses can be customized to your liking, so if there’s an aspect you want to change, you’ll most likely be able to change it!


Bring Guests


We think it’s important for brides to bring a few highly valued opinions with them. You may find yourself torn between two dresses, and it can help to have the advice of a few people you trust to help you choose. Each of our suites can comfortably fit 3-4 guests, so choose a few family or friends who you trust, and bring them with you! Plus, you’ll have loved ones to share in your joy when you finally find the dress! 


...But Be Picky With Your Guests


While we think bringing guests absolutely improves the experience, we highly recommend only bringing those whose opinions you really trust. With too many voices, or a few unwanted opinions, brides can become unsure of dresses they otherwise loved—it’s important to remember that this is your wedding dress, and the final choice is up to you. 

Ready to find the wedding dress of your dreams? Book your appointment at The White Closet, and our knowledgeable stylists will help you find your dream wedding dress.