Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Wedding Bouquet Ideas

When planning your wedding, choosing your flowers is one of the biggest aspects of decorating! Your flowers are on everything, from your bouquet to your reception centerpieces to even details on your altar. Flowers are a great way to add color to your wedding day, so finding a gorgeous bouquet to show off your personality is important. 

Bold Red



If you love a bold pop of color, why no go all monotone, like this striking red and pink bouquet? With a range of hot pinks and bright reds scattered with deep purples to create a range of shades to create a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding. 

White and Green



This classic color combo is perfect for traditional weddings. The neutral color scheme goes with everything, and the classic white is perfect for weddings! With a wide range flower options in this color, you can choose blooms you really love. 

Peach and Purple



Want something subtle but with a hint of color? Peach and lavender are both subtle, light colors that work in any season, adding a hint of color to your wedding bouquet that’s bright and fun without being too much. 

Yellow and Blue



To really stand out, why not go for deep gold and blue! This sunflower bouquet with scattered touches or blue is perfect for brides who love color, and want something to give their wedding a happy tone.